Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the E-mart Mission RIEV portal under the aegis of IIRD (https://iirdshimla.org/), the access to which, along with the buying and selling of products, is subject to the Term & Conditions (T&C) listed in this page.

Conditions of Sale

The customers should carefully read the Terms & Conditions that govern the sale and purchase on the portal followed by the service delivery.  The members shall have to abide by these terms.  

T&C for Members’ Account on E-Mart

  1. During the registration on Mission RIEV E-Mart, the site will collect basic information including – Name, Email, Phone number, Address, Payment option, etc,
  2. When the members register to the E-Mart, they are themselves responsible in upholding the confidentiality of the account as well as the password.
  3. The member should ensure the accuracy of the information that is used while creating the account/ registering in E-mart.
  4. The member should restrict the unauthorised access to their account so that there is no or minimal scope of misuse.
  5. The members shall be solely liable for all the activities in their account.
  6. The members have  the liberty to access as well as update the information if there is any update or change
  7. The members should acknowledge that the service they use or the products that they purchase will be for their personal use and not for the business purposes
  8. If any member is found to violate our policies, then IIRD reserves the right to terminate/ remove the respective account from E-Mart and ban from accessing our portal or buy any product in future