Delivery Information

Order and Delivery

  1. Members can choose from an assortment of fresh produce and other products / services from Mission RIEV E-Mart portal at
  2. The Member can simply choose the product, select the quantity and see the price (based on latest market prices, hence subject to change on a daily basis).
  3. Vegetables orders placed till 1 pm will be delivered on the same day, orders placed after that will be delivered the next day. The services are presently applicable within Shimla City only.
  4. Vegetables order to be eligible for home delivery, the minimum order should be of value of Rs 300/- or above.


The Member can cancel the order for a product within 60 minutes after placing the order.

In the event, if a member provides incorrect information, i.e. wrong name, address or contact information, leading to the cancellation of delivery, It shall be at the entire risk and responsibility of the member.

Events beyond control

During the events that are beyond the control of the Mission, the Mission shall not be held responsible for the delay or failure in delivering the order, and the the members shall be updated accordingly or they shall be reimbursed the amount paid within 7 working days, in case of a pre-paid order.


Return will be accepted only if

a)       it is determined that the product was damaged before being delivered to the customer

b)       the product was wrong/ different from what the customer had ordered

c)       the product delivered to the customer is unfit for consumption

d)       the product is damaged or the packing is damaged/ tampered with

Please note, the product, which is returned, should be with original packing and the labels.

Note- Return request should be made within the same day i.e. the day of delivery.

Pricing and Availability

The prices and availability of the products on the portal will be updated daily, based on their latest prices and availability

If the prices change (increase or decrease) on the date of delivery, the members shall not be charged an additional amount nor they will be eligible for refund on the reduced amount of the product they had ordered.


Taxes, if any, shall be applicable as per prevailing laws.